"The Best Refreshments In The Metroplex!"



​About Us

Fruteria Tropical was founded in the hot summer of 2014. Serving customers with nice, juicy and healthy fruits for all treat-lovers. Excellent customer service, great taste with our secret recipe touch and unique fruit combinations is what makes Fruteria Tropical different. Come check us out at 2380 E Park Blvd. Suite 408, Plano, TX.




We serve treats that are delicious and fulfilling . . . Sliced, diced and prepared by our cooks. We offer Elote Preparado, Flan, Arroz con Leche, Pepinos Locos, Reboltijos, Nachos, Chicharrones AND SO MUCH MORE!

Drinks & Snacks

We serve different types of beverages! Freshly made flavored water made from scratch, Piña coladas, Topo Chicos preparados, Sangria, Chamoyadas, Smoothies, AND SO MUCH MORE that will truly put the icing on the cake to go along with your snack.


We serve hand selected fruit. With a wide variety of product. We do not only carry quantity, we carry quality! Don't want something from our menu? Want a smoothie with YOUR favorite fruit? Want a fruit salad with YOUR favorite fruit? TELL US. We will make it for you!

Candy & Chips

We are well known to carry the very famous and delicious goodies, imported straight from Mexico! We provide all sorts of candy AND chips. Rockaletas! Pulparindos! Duvalínes! Chicharrones! Takis! Cheetos! Rancheritos! AND SO MUCH MORE!

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